Modest Mouse: 1992-2010
By Pat Graham – powerHouse Books – 7 October 2014

ModesrMousePatGraham“The book covers 20 years of the band from the first tour, me and 3 guys, till recent tours, 6 guys, Johnny Marr and 2 tour buses…”

By Scarlet Page – Red Giant Publishing – Summer 2014



By Morrissey – Penguin Classics – 17 October 2013 European release and 3 December 2013 (edited) US release

AutobiographyAutobiography covers Morrissey’s life from his birth until the present day.

Isle Of Noises: Conversations With Great British Songwriters
By Daniel Rachel – Pan Macmillan – 12 September 2013

on-songwriting-978144722675801More than twenty of the UK’s finest musicians discuss the magic and reveal the secrets behind their art in a rare collection of conversations about fifty years of classic British songwriting.

The Smiths
By Lawrence Watson – Foruli Codex – 12 August 2013

The Smiths‘The Smiths’ is a collection of Lawrence Watson’s photographs of Morrissey and the iconic British band taken in the early 1980s in Manchester and London, many previously unseen.


Songs That Saved Your Life: The Art Of The Smiths 1982-1987 (revised edition)
by Simon Goddard – Titan Books – 8 February 2013 (UK)/26 February 2013(US)

GoddardFormed in 1982, The Smiths’ brief but brilliant career lasted just five years – but the music they left behind distinguished them as one of the greatest British guitar groups of all time. ‘Songs That Saved Your Life – The Art of The Smiths 1982-87’ reveals the stories behind every track (including unreleased out-takes), catalogues all the group’s UK television, radio and concert appearances and features interviews with original band members, producers and associates.

101 Essential Rock Records: The Golden Age of Vinyl From the Beatles to the Sex Pistols
Edited and compiled by Jeff Gold – Gingko Press Inc. – 6 December 2012

A tribute to the vinyl album, celebrating 101 of rock’s most influential records from The Beatles, Bob Dylan, David Bowie, Pink Floyd, Patti Smith, Sex Pistols and more. With essays by Johnny Marr, David Bowie, Peter Buck, Robyn Hitchcock and others.

A Light That Never Goes Out: The Enduring Saga of The Smiths
By Tony Fletcher – William Heinemann Publisher – 6 September 2012 (UK), 4 December 2012 (US)
New interviews with Johnny Marr and Andy Rourke

Tony Fletcher’s A Light That Never Goes Out is a meticulous and evocative group biography – part celebration, part paean – moving from Manchester in the nineteenth-century to the present day to tell the complete story of The Smiths. Penned by a contemporary and life-long fan, it is the product of extensive research, dozens of interviews, and unprecedented access.

Feeding Back: Conversations With Alternative Guitarists from Proto-Punk to Post-Rock
By David Todd – Chicago Review Press – 1 June 2012
The Believer: Johnny Marr on mystical music connections, key collaborators and guitar politics

From the proto-punk of the Stooges to the post-punk of Sonic Youth, from the Krautrock of Neu! to the post-rock of Tortoise, this book of conversations charts an alternative thread as it makes its way through rock guitar from the late 60’s to the present.

Manchester: Looking for the Light Through the Pouring Rain
By Kevin Cummins – Faber & Faber – 1 May 2012 (paperback)

The definitive photographic history of Manchester, the city and its music, from 1976 to today, featuring iconic music photographs of The Smiths, Joy Division, Stone Roses and Oasis and contributions from Paul Morley, Stuart Maconie, Gavin Martin and John Harris.

Morrissey & Marr: Severed Alliance
By Johnny Rogan – Rough Trade – 2012
Updated edition of 1993 revised book

Johnny Rogan has returned to his definitive Smiths biography to produce a completely revised edition based on new information and new interviews to add to the almost 100 initially conducted over a four-year period, bringing more insights and analysis.


Curious Stories From Curious Mind
Foreward by Wayne Hemingway – Curious Minds – 12 April 2012
Johnny Marr contributed his story

Some of the UK’s most inspirational people have contributed stories for this illustrated book, sharing personal tales about the things that inspired them as kids and helping to raise awareness of the work of the charity Curious Minds and the impact creativity has on a child’s development.

How Soon Is Now? The Madmen And Mavericks Who Made Independent Music, 1975-2005
By Richard King – Faber & Faber – 1 April 2012
Interviews with Johnny Marr and Manager Joe Moss

An exhaustive chronicle of the labels that drove independent music for 30 years, Richard King’s prodigiously researched book includes everything one could wish to know about the mayhem, rebellion and anti-corporate idealism of indie culture.

Panic On the Streets – The Smiths and Morrissey Location
By Phill Gatenby – Titan Books – 28 February 2012
Updated and re-published

This indespensible guide takes fans of The Smiths and Morrissey from Manchester right into the heart of London – transforming a leaning post on a Wapping side street, an alleyway in Battersea, a bandstand in the East End and a barber shop in Mayfair into tourist attractions with a difference.

Between The Line: A History Of Haven
By Mary O’Meara – Troubador Publishing Ltd – 1 February 2012

Mara O’Meara explores the enigmatic story of Haven, possibly one of the most overlooked bands of the last decade. It is in turn a critique of the demise of the music industry which has arguably lost its way, shrivelling under conservative conglomerates and allowing little room for innovation, creativity or true excitement.


By Pat Graham and foreward by Johnny Marr – Chronicle Books – 5 October 2011

Pat Graham’s photographs capture the intimate relationship between musicians and their instrument by signs of wear and modifications by the artists who have played, beaten on, bled over, and made them their own.

Fender Mini
By Martin Kelly, Paul Kelly and Terry Foster – Cassell Publishers – 5 October 2011
Smaller sized version of Fender The Golden Age 1946-1970 originally published in 2010

Over 250 guitars in every model, style and finish are lovingly photographed and detailed, from the greatest to the rarest – Strats, Teles and the infamous Marauder. Includes hundreds of never-before-seen images from recently unearthed archives and specially commissioned shoots from around the world.

Document and Eyewitness: An Intimate History of Rough Trade
By Neil Taylor – Orion – 1 March 2011

Document and Eyewitness tells the definitive story of this trailblazing label through the voices of founder Geoff Travis, Jarvis Cocker, Robert Wyatt, Green Gartside, and other musicians. Serious fans of punk, dub, and rock will learn more about the bands they love-from Cabaret Voltaire and Kleenex to The Fall, The Smiths, and beyond.

Irish Blood, English Heart: Second Generation Irish Musicians in England
By Sean Campbell – Cork University Press – 29 March 2011

This book explores the role of Irish ethnicity in the lives and work of these musicians, focusing on three high-profile projects: Kevin Rowland and Dexys Midnight Runners, Shane MacGowan and The Pogues, and Morrissey, Marr and The Smiths.


Mozipedia The Encyclopedia of Morrissey and The Smiths
By Simon Goddard – Plume and Ebury Press – 28 September 2010

An in-depth, 600-entry reference tome on Morrissey make this the most intimate and in-depth biographical portrait of the man and his music yet. Bringing together every song, album, collaborator, key location, every hero, book, film and record to have influenced his art, it is the summation of years of meticulous research.

EXPOSED The Faces Of Rock ‘N’ Roll
By Mick Rock, foreward by Tom Stoppard and afterward by Andrew Loog Oldham – Chronicle Books – 1 September 2010
Photo of Johnny Marr, New York in 2003
“Outtake from Rebel magazine session. The ex-guitarist for the Manchester band The Smiths, fronted by Morrissey, it was my first meeting with him, although I’ve shot him several times since. He told me that my old friend Mick Ronson was his biggest influence. Certainly he has Mick’s amazing range and virtuosity. This is the first publication of this photo.”

Mick Rock’s photo career ignited when he started shooting a practically unknown David Bowie in 1972. Since then Micks has become a legend himself, shooting a who’s who of rock, punk and pop icons. Exposed collects 200 of his best photos across nearly 40 years.

The North Will Rise Again: Manchester Music City 1976-1996
By John Robb – Aurum Press – 1 July 2010

Buzzcocks. Joy Division. The Fall. The Smiths. The Stone Roses. The Happy Mondays. Oasis. Manchester has proved to be an endlessly rich seam of pop-music talent over the last 30 years. In John Robb’s new compilation, Manchester’s talkiest musicians tell the story of the city’s thriving music scene in their own words

Fender The Golden Age 1946-1970
By Martin Kelly, Paul Kelly and Terry Foster – Cassell – 24 May 2010
“I love all Fender books but this one is the best I’ve seen. It’s been put together with such specific taste and unique style. It totally does justice to these amazing and beautiful guitar.” – Johnny Marr

Featuring 250 photographs of Fender guitars-including some extremely rare guitars in private collections-as well as the largest collection of Fender advertising ever assembled, this gorgeously designed volume is a comprehensive account of Fender’s golden age.

Manchester, England – The Story Of The Pop Cult City
By David Haslam – Fourth Estate (Reissue)March 2010

From one of Manchester’s top DJs and journalists comes the definitive account of the pop cult capital of the UK from the Victorian music hall and the jazz age, to Northern Soul and rock and roll, through acid house and Oasis.

Rickenbacker Electric 12 String The Story Of The Guitars The Music, and The Great Players
By Tony Bacon – Jawbone Press – 15 February 2010

This fully revised and expanded edition tells the story of those heady days in the 60s, of the competitors who tried and failed to match the sound, and of the instrument’s continuing production by Rickenbacker and use by many modern guitarists. Complete with high-quality photos and exclusive interviews.


Manchester: Looking for the Light Through the Pouring Rain
By Kevin Cummins – Faber & Faber – 17 September 2009 (hardcover)

The definitive photographic history of Manchester, the city and its music, from 1976 to today, featuring iconic music photographs of The Smiths, Joy Division, Stone Roses and Oasis and contributions from Paul Morley, Stuart Maconie, Gavin Martin and John Harris.

Punk Fiction: An Anthology of Short Stories Inspired by Punk
Edited by Janine Bullman and foreward by Johnny Marr – Anova Books – 1 September 2009

The legacy of punk rock is not merely musical but in fact can be found in an astounding variety of cultural media, including literature. From a cast of authors at the forefront of contemporary popular culture who have been—and continue to be—influenced by punk music, each tale in this dazzling collection of short stories has been inspired by a punk song.

Lowdown: The Story of Wire
By Paul Lester Ph.D and foreward by Johnny Marr – Omnibus Press – 1 July 2009

Paul Lester’s book tells the story of this crucial transitional band, from their early days dodging hostile crowds at punk venues, through their attempts to inject some arthouse experimentation and Situationist subversion into an increasingly conservative punk scene, up to their split in 1981 and beyond their mid-80s return and their various solo projects.

Morrissey’s Manchester: The Essential Smith Tour
By Phill Gatenby – Empire Publications – 1 June 2009

In the first edition of this guidebook, Phill Gatenby set out three tours covering 20 or more sites that either featured in The Smiths music or were fundamental to their development as a band – from early rehearsal spaces to the scene of their most memorable gigs. Now updated, Morrissey’s Manchester has added new places to visit, more lyrical references and more background information on one of the world’s most influential bands.


Bands On The Road: The Tour Sketchbook
Edited by Silke Leicher and Manuel Schreiner – Thames & Hudson – 15 November 2008

The contributing musicians were asked to think about something in the past that had an important impact on them, a person or event that still resonates, and to draw it. The resulting sketches and their connected stories reveal a personal dimension to their lives that no interview ever could.

This is the Arizona desert near the Catalina Mountains. I’ve been there a few times. I like to go there to make myself feel small and to get really quiet. You can find out some pretty useful and interesting thins about yourself and about your world. It’s better for me that sitting in the suburbs taking drugs, which is what I used to do before. It’s good for the soul.

The Smiths: The Early Years
Photograpy by Paul Slattery and foreward by Grant Showbiz – Vision On Publishing – 1 February 2008

This is a lavishly produced photo book by photographer Paul Slattery who was allowed unprecedented access to the Smiths during the crucial early period of their career. This book features many photos never seen before, in both colour and black & white.


Panic On the Streets – The Smiths and Morrissey Location Guide
By Phill Gatenby – Reynolds & Hearn – 28 September 2007

Phill Gatenby, author of Morrissey’s Manchester, explores the worlds of Morrissey’s formative years, and The Smiths’ brief but extraordinary heyday, in a book that acts as both a guide and a revealing insight into the lyrical inspirations of The Smiths’ enigmatic singer.

Dazzling Stranger: Bert Jansch and the British Folk and Blues Revival
By Colin Harper and foreword by Johnny Marr – Bloomsbury UK – 1 April 2007

The guitarist’s guitarist and the songwriter’s songwriter, the legendary Bert Jansch has influenced artists as diverse as Jimi Hendrix, Paul Simon, Jimmy Page, and Neil Young. Unassuming and enigmatic, Jansch has withstood the vagaries of fashion, being continually rediscovered and revered by new generations of artists. Dazzling Stranger is the story of a true original of British music.


Guitar Man: A Six-String Odyssey, or, You Love that Guitar More than You Love Me
By Will Hodgkinson – Da Capo Press – 26 December 2009

Will Hodgkinson, a wannabe guitar player, sets out to learn how to play the guitar by talking to guitar greats, like British folk legend Bert Jansch, Johnny Marr, Davey Graham, Sufjan Stevens, PJ Harvey, Chan Marshall and Roger McQuinn, who reveal their love of the guitar.

Rough Trade: Labels Unlimited
By Rob Young – Black Dog Publishing – 1 October 2006

Rough Trade: Labels Unlimited tells the engrossing story of one of England’s most groundbreaking record labels. Rough Trade looks back on three fascinating decades of innovation, noise and change, taking in ups and downs, twists and turns and some of the best music ever committed to vinyl.

Johnny Marr: The Smiths & The Art of Gun Slinging
By Richard Carman – Blake Publishing – 28 September 2006

The first ever biography of Johnny Marr looks beyond The Smiths into the solo career of Britian’s most influential guitar player of the last two decades, and includes interviews with Billy Bragg and Talking Heads. Unofficial & Unauthorised.

The Smiths Songs That Saved Your Life
By Simon Goddard – Reynolds & Hearn Limited – August 2006

In the new edition of this indispensable guide, the exhaustive track-by-track commentary has the input and full cooperation of Mike Joyce, as well as contributions from Andy Rourke and Johnny Marr. Drawing upon the group’s private collection of studio tapes, Goddard describes numerous previously unheard takes, and reveals for the first time the names and details of songs that were never released. The book is illustrated with outstanding examples of the group’s distinctive record covers, and scores of rare stills.


The Smiths and Beyond
Photography by Kevin Cummins – Vision On Publishing – April 2002

Kevin Cummins took The Smiths publicity stills, shot countless features for NME and other magazines, tracked their gigs and traveled the world with them. Kevin Cummins took publicity stills, shot countless features for NME and other magazines, tracked their gigs and traveled the world with The Smiths.


The Complete Guide to the Music of The Smiths a & Morrissey/Marr
By Johnny Rogan – Omnibus Press – 16 October 1995

One volume of a series featuring other artists, this book is a guide to the music of The Smiths. The book examines every recorded song in the band’s catalogue to date, and acts as a consumer’s critical guide to the music. Shaped like a CD box, it is designed to sit alongside the reader’s existing CD collection.

The Right to Imagination and Madness
By Martin Roach with intro by John Peel – Omnibus Press – July 1995

An essential collection of 35 candid interviews – each with a biography and 3 recommended tracks to be proffered by the writer, which include Johnny Marr, Ian McCulloch, Billy Bragg, Prodigy, Boo Radleys, Matt Johnson, Pwei, MC4, Napalm Death, Wedding Present, Senseless Things, Utah Saints, BTTP, Aphex Twin, McNabb and Ride.


The Smiths: The Visual Documentary
By Johnny Rogan – Omnibus Press – March 1994

An illustrated chronology of The Smiths career. This book includes interviews and photographs, a detailed breakdown of every known performance by The Smiths, and a comprehensive discography. It also contains many previously unpublished photographs. It is a pendant to Johnny Rogan’s The Severed Alliance.


Morrissey & Marr: The Severed Alliance
By Johnny Rogan – Omnibus Press – (revised) – 31 December 1993

A controversial rock biography that features a provocative preface as well as many important amendments to the original text, previously unpublished photos and an updated comprehensive discography.



The Smiths “In Quotes”
Edited by Mike West and photography by Kevin Cummins – Bablyon – August 1985

This is a compilation of quotes that have appeared in various interviews with the band. The quotes are arranged by subject, and are from all four members of The Smiths, but mostly from Morrissey. The book also features photos of the band by Kevin Cummins.