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The Sydney Morning Herald – 12 December 2014
Johnny Marr still chasing making a perfect 45 by Bernard Zuel
San Diego CityBeat – 10 December 2014
Johnny Marr hits his solo stride by Scott McDonald
“Former Smiths guitarist moves beyond his storied past”
Williamette Week – 9 December 2014
Fresh Meat: Johnny Marr by Amy Miller
“The Former Smiths Guitarist (And Former Portland Resident) Won’t Grow A Beard but Might Like To Build A Clone Commune”
The Brag – 9 December 2014
Johnny Marr – 3 December 2014
Johnny Marr still has faith in the power of music by Amy Alexander Varty
Entertainment Weekly – 2 December 2014
Johnny Marr on his new record and why his Hall of Fame nod’s not a big deal by Linda Laban
Guitar Player – December 2014
Dynamo! by Michael Molenda
“Johnny Marr Details The Wild, Live-Energy Strategies in Play for Playland
The Guardian – 23 November 2014
On my radar: Johnny Marr’s cultural highlights by Kathy Sweeney
Drowned In Sound – 9 October 2014
DiS meets Johnny Marr: “Art and entertainment don’t need to be mutually exclusive” by Joe Goggins
Q Magazine – 2 October 2014 (340)
Johnny Marr: “I’m not a workaholic… I’m just enthusiastic”


The Talks – 1 October 2014
Johnny Marr: “Who Cares About Authentic?”
Q Magazine – 29 July 2014 (338)
News on Johnny’s new album with exclusive photos by Ross Halfin at RAK Studios
NME – 14 June 2014
Marr’s attack by Rhian Daly
“Guitar hero and NME Godlike Genius Johnny Marr fills us in on the forthcoming follow-up to last year’s solo album, ‘The Messenger'”

NME’s World Cup Playlist

Lancashire Evening Post – 1 June 2014
Marr: Pharrell is our Stevie Wonder
“Here, he chats about loving Spiderman and why timing is everything”
MOJO – 1 May 2014
Johnny Marr by Lois Wilson
“Ignoring his broken hand, the resurgent guitar lodestar preps solo album number two by turning up the heat.”



Faster Louder – 22 December 2013
Johnny Marr: “I tried to rebel against what I was known for” by Andrew P Street
“Ahead of his appearance at Southbound/Falls, guitar god Johnny Marr tells Andrew P Street about leaving the Cribs, going solo and ‘that weird little group from Manchester'”.
Clash – 10 October 2013
Laura Marling And Johnny Marr On Songwriting by Daniel Rachel
“Excerpts from Isle Of Noises: Conversations With Great British Songwriters”
Metro – 17 September 2013
Johnny Marr: ‘I’ve always had a blind spot to the music of Queen’
“Guitarist Johnny Marr, 49, is known for his work in The Smiths and has been in Electronic, Modest Mouse and The Cribs. He released his first solo album this year.”
NME – 7 September 2013
Pieces Of Me by Johnny Marr
“The jangly Smith-turned-solo-hero on his love for T Rex, Portland, Oregon and his regal jukebox”
Irish Mirror – 26 August 2013
Messenger Marr is delivering up front by Maeve Quigley
“Former Smiths guitarist really enjoying taking the lead”
The Arts Desk – 17 August 2013
theartsdesk Q&A: Musician Johnny Marr by Nick Hasted
“The former Smiths guitarist reflects at length on a life of musical wanderlust
The Japan Times – 8 August 2013
Marr’s new message by Shaun Curran
“UK guitarist to play Summer Sonic, rules out Smiths reunion”
NME – 31 July 2013
Johnny Marr says filming gigs on a mobile phone is for ‘dicks’ – watch
“Foals, Alt-J and Biffy Clyro also share their views on the gig-filming debate
Interview – 27 July 2013
By Nick Zinner, Photography by Robbie Fimanno

Photo by Robbie Fimanno

New Times – 18 July 2013
Johnny Marr’s Top 10 Most Unexpected Musical Moments by David Von Bader
The Guardian – 29 June 2013
Johnny Marr: soundtrack of my life by Craig McLean
“The former Smiths guitarist on his love for Chic, bonding with Morrissey over Bob and Marcia and the raw power of the Stooges”
The Telegraph – 26 June 2013
Johnny Marr interview: ‘I’ve been in all my favourite bands’ by Rob Hughes
“Johnny Marr’s five years in The Smiths have overshadowed his prolific output but the revered guitarist is finally stepping into the limelight.”
NME – 19 June 2013
Johnny Marr reveals ‘record label politics’ stopped him releasing Smiths rarities box-set
“Guitarist had been working on a comprehensive collection of bootlegs and instrumentals”
Sabotage Times – 7 June 2013
Johnny Marr Is Not Morrissey: Get Over It by Julie Hamill
“Whenever Johnny plays Smiths songs, you know the Morrissey comparisons will come thick and fast – but Marr is more than able to go it alone.”
Louder Than War – 5 June 2013
Nile Rodgers And Chic: Manchester Ritz – Live Review by Jacky Carroll, photos by Elspeth Moore
The Independent – 25 March 2013
‘If you want to know about me and Morrissey, Google it': Ex-Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr talks relationships and reunions by Adam Barr “He’s worked with Modest Mouse, the Pet Shop Boys and Beck, to name a few, and recently released his first solo album. So why, wonders Johnny Marr, do people still hark on about The Smiths”


Manchester Evening News – 22 March 2013
Johnny Marr’s coming home by Sarah Walters “Sarah Walters talks to Johnny Marr about his debut solo album and his return to Manchester.”
Cambridge News – 12 March 2013
Philosophical talk with Johnny Marr by Andy Welch
“After years as a sideman, the former Smiths guitarist – who plays a sold-out show at Cambridge Junction on March 12 – is taking centre stage with his debut solo album The Messenger. He tells Andy Welch why the time was finally right, and why it’s all about philosophy”
Hot Press – 11 March 2013
Hot Press Meets Johnny Marr by Olaf Tyaransen
“He’s rightly chuffed about his cracking new solo album but, a quarter of a century after The Smiths’ break-up, Johnny Marr remains testy about those never-ending reunion rumours…”
NME – 9 March 2013
Godlike Genius Johnny Marr
“As if any further proof were required that Johnny Marr is a bona fide Godlike Genius, his closing set was it. His solo material (‘Upstarts’, ‘Sun & Moon’) sound stonking; he enlists The Vaccine’s frontman Justin Young for a rip-snorting cover of “I Fought The Law'; he starts the mother of all guitar duels when he and Ronnie Fucking Wood exchange licks during Smiths classic ‘How Soon Is Now?’. The best, though, is saved ’til last. ‘Have we got time for one more? he asks, before launching into ‘There Is A Light That Never Goes Out’. Perfect”
New Statesman – 4 March 2013
Johnny Marr: “Everyone should get a fair shout, and no one can tell me that the Conservative Party have ever been about that” by Rob Pollard
“Rob Pollard speaks to the erstwhile Smiths guitarist, Johnny Marr”
Loaded – March 2013
Time For A Little Bit Marr by Matthew Drake, photos by Jon Sheehan
“A quarter of a century after leaving The Smiths, Johnny Marr’s reputation as a true guitar legend is well-established. About time he released his first solo album, then…”
Q – March 2013
Johnny Marr: Smiths Legend Answers Your Questions by Chris Catchpole, portraits by Alex Lake
“He was expecting queries about ‘my hair and getting The Smiths back together’. So how would the six-string legend tackle topics such as La’s mystery man Lee Mavers and ‘the worst chord in the world’? Oh, and The Cribs’ hair?”
Tales of The Smiths Comic – 2013 March
A Blast From The Johnny Marr Past by Con Chrisoulis
AmazonCoUK (video)February 2013
Johnny Marr Answers Your Questions
“He’s a bit of an indie icon; former guitarist for The Smiths and The Cribs among other bands, and unsurprisingly he’s got a lot to talk about. Luckily, in advance of the release of his new solo album The Messenger Johnny Marr agreed to answer some questions submitted by you the fans, via our AmazonMusicUK Facebook wall. He’s picked his ten favourite questions and answered them in the video below, filmed exclusively for”
Paste – 27 February 2013
10 Great Johnny Marr Guitar Moments by Tyler Kane
Billy Bragg, Talking Heads, The Smiths, Electronic, The The, Beck and Modest Mouse
iHeartRADIO – 26 February 2013
Offbeat with Johnny Marr by Ashlee McDonald
“Find out what inspire the former Smiths guitarist and hear his new album
The Quietus – 26 February 2013
Johnny Marr The Messenger by Ben Hewit
“Speak of the messenger and lo, he doth appear – it’s just taken him a bloody long time to turn up carrying a bag bulging with missives penned solely by his own hand. But when you’re as high-class a courier as Johnny Marr, there’s scant opportunity to hone solitary wares.”
The Hollywood Reporter – 25 February 2013
The Smiths’ Johnny Mar Goes His Own Way: ‘I Like Being A Frontman’ (Q&A) by Tracey Davenport
“Solo album “The Messenger” brought the guitarist back to his native Manchester. Now, Marr looks ahead to high-profile gigs (among them: Coachella) where he’ll take center stage.”
Death And Taxes – 25 February 2013
What He Said: An interview with Johnny Marr by Doug Bleggi
MTV Hive – 25 February 2013
Johnny Marr Is Not Interested in Blowing Up the Internet by Eric Spitznagel
“Morrissey once said, “I would rather eat my own testicles than reform the Smiths.” Which seems like a pretty definitive statement, especially coming from a vegan. Did he really need to take it that far? Couldn’t he just have said, “No, sorry, the Smiths still aren’t reuniting?” Probably not. Because we aren’t a pop culture-loving world that takes no for an answer. When I read Morrissey’s scrotum-eating declaration, my first thought wasn’t, “Wow, he really doesn’t like the Smiths.” My first thought was, “So you’re saying it’s pooooossible?”
Lancashire Evening Post – 23 February 2013
Johnny Marr – Talks about life as a solo artist by Andy Welch
“After years as a sideman, former Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr brings his debut solo album to Preston on March 8. He tells Andy Welch why the time was finally right…”
Liverpool Echo – 22 February 2013
Johnny Marr on The Royal Court, Eric’s and why Liverpool is always a great place to play by Jade Wright
The New York Times – 22 February 2013
A Smith Asserts His Own Name – Johnny Marr of the Smiths Releases A Solo Album by Larry Rohter
“What took so long? Twenty-five years after he left the Smiths, perhaps the most influential British pop band of the 1980s, the guitarist Johnny Marr has finally made a solo album.”
Uncut – 22 February 2013
Johnny Marr – Album By Album by Stephen Trousse
“Johnny Marr’s first proper solo album, The Messenger, is reviewed in the new issue of Uncut, dated March 2013, and out now, so it seemed time to revisit the guitarist’s impressive back catalogue with the man himself… From Uncut’s February 2008 issue (Take 129), Marr relives the making of records from The Smiths and The The to Electronic and Modest Mouse.”
The Sun – 22 February 2012
It’s the right time to do a solo album..I can’t play music I don’t believe in – Says Johnny Marr by Jacqui Swift
“When it comes to his career, Johnny Marr as always let music dictate what he does next.”
Consequence Of Sound – 21 February 2013
Interview: Johnny Marr by Len Comaratta
“Johnny Marr is a guitarist’s guitarist, a modern-day icon of rock and roll, and a man who firmly believes that pop music can still be made with guitars. As one of the leaders of Manchester’s The Smiths, Marr’s jangly guitar, loose grooves, and haunting effects helped elevate the Mancunian quartet to such a level of influence that today the band is often considered one of, if not the, most important British band of its era.”
Drowned In Sound – 20 February 2013
“My guitar…It’s a machine to make pop music” – DiS meets Johnny Marr by Marc Burrows
“Johnny Marr is quite clear that what he does is pop music. And pop, emphatically, is no dirty word.”
The Wall Street Journal – 20 February 2013
Still Close To His Roots by Jim Fusilli
“Born 49 years ago in the Ardwick district here, Johnny Marr quickly dived into his lifelong passion for popular music and guitars, forming his first band at age 13 and falling under the sway of local guitar heroes like Billy Duffy. In May 1982, Mr. Marr met Steven Patrick Morrissey at the latter’s childhood home in Stretford, which led to the formation of the Smiths, one of rock’s greatest and most influential groups of the 1980s.”
Noozhawk – 19 February 2013
New Order, Johnny Marr to Join Forces at Santa Barbara Bowl by Jesse Lee Weiss for Nederlander Concerts
Clash – 19 February 2013
European Me: Johnny Marr – I may be a target but I know I’m a target… by Robin Murray
“Johnny Marr has nothing to prove. Even discarding his role in A Certain Iconic Indie Group, the guitarist has – in the past decade alone – provided guitar craft for Modest Mouse before a highly successful stint in The Cribs. Yet with his new solo album ‘The Messenger’ the musician seems to have gained a renewed sense of vigour, a distilled sense of energy. Punchy, direct and refusing to hold back it’s the sound of a songwriter who has looked at the world around him and clearly decided that enough, frankly, is enough.”
Vice – 19 February 2013
Johnny Marr Takes Music And Fashion Seriously – An Interview with the Coolest Guitarist to Ever Breathe Air by Kelly McClure with photos by Kevin Shea Adams
“Music and fashion go together like pedophiles and children. It’s always been an uneasy, somewhat forced relationship that results from perversion and mental illness. Johnny Marr is one of the few musicians who got it right. We interviewed him about being in The Smiths, and about whether or not Morrissey could beat him at arm wrestling.”

Photo by Kevin Shea Adams

BBC News Entertainment & Arts – 17 February 2013
Johnny Marr on The Smiths and going solo by Ian Youngs
NME – 16 February 2013
Heaven Knows He’s Godlike Now by Barry Nicolson with photos by David Edwards
“Ever since he formed The Smiths, Johnny Marr has been at the forefront of indie rock, shaping it for future generations. That’s why on February 27 he will be crowned Godlike Genius at the NME Awards. Barry Nicolson traces his path to Godliness, and hears about some emails to Morrissey…”

Johnny Marr NME

Pitchfork – 15 February 2013
Johnny Marr by Carrie Battan
“The legendary guitarist chats about growing up in the public eye, how to not be an asshole in the world of rock ‘n’ roll, and his first proper solo LP The Messenger.
Irish Times – 15 February 2013
Back To The Front by Lauren Murphy
“Over the past three decades. Johnny Marr has played with some of the biggest names on the planet, but almost always as a guitar-for-hire; now he’s finally taking centre-stage with his first fully fledged solo album The Messenger”
NME The Big Picture – 12 February 2013
Johnny Marr – The Making Of A Godlike Genius
“Ever since he formed The Smiths, Johnny Marr has been at the forefront of indie rock. That’s why on February 27 he will be crowned Godlike Genius at the NME Awards. Here’s a look back at the great man’s ridiculously varied and prolific career.”
ShortList – February 2013
Johnny Marr
Conversation about Clark shoes, David Bowie, Obama, the Gallagher brothers and Roberto Mancini
The Big Issue – 12 February 2013
The Mix: Letter To My Younger Self Johnny Marr “Morrissey and I Really Admired Each Other” by Jane Graham
“The Smiths legend Johnny Marr, 49, talks Irish work ethics, band reunions, and what happened when he first met Morrissey”
Steve McGarry – 11 February 2013
Johnny Marr Biographic Comic Strip by Manchester artist Steve McGarry

Johnny Marr by Steve McGarry

The Autojubilator – 11 February 2013
Johnny Marr: “The Messenger” Interview by Jon Wilks
“Johnny Marr discusses his time with McCartney, how he has adapted to being a frontman, and why Morrissey might be ‘selling the both of us short'”
Stereoboard – 9 February 2013
Johnny Marr – The Messenger (Album Review) by Graeme Marsh
Magnet – February 2013
Smiths Guitarist Johnny Marr: The Mancunian CandidateIssue #95

Magnet 2013

MOJO – February 2013
The Boy With The Thorn In His Side by Pat Gilbert, photos by Tom Sheehan
“Blessed yet bedogged by the legend of The Smiths, Johnny Mar has spent 25 fast-moving years as a globe trotting genius-for-hire, tripping balls with The The and rocking out with The Cribs. Now he’s come home, inspired by English weather, Aldous Huxley and his younger self to take the role he’ always shunned: Front Man and Solo Artist. Just don’t ask about Morrissey, OK? ‘I am not Manc Man’, he warns.”


Spin – 31 January 2013
Johnny Marr on a Life in Rock: The Smiths’ Story ‘Has Become So Distorted’ by Harley Brown
“The truth about his old band, Marr’s upcoming solo debut, and why having girls around is good for bands”
Time Magazine – 28 January 2013
Johnny Marr on the Smiths, ‘The Messenger’ and Going Solo After All These Years by Melissa Locker
NME – 2 January 2013
The Roots Of… The Smiths
“No great a band is born without a struggle and no great records are born in a vacuum. For every artist whose ideas makes your wig spin there are a huge pile of influences – from specks of colour to swathes of sound – that delivered them to that point.”


Johnny Marr On The Messenger, The Smiths, And Why He Can’t Stop Joining Other People’s Bands by T. Cole Rachel – 27 December 2012
Johnny Marr on the Stooges Record That Changed His Life by David Marchese – 27 November 2012 “In this exclusive essay taken from 101 Essential Rock Records, the eternally boyish erstwhile Smiths guitarist writes about the effect of the Stooges’ 1973 David Bowie-produced napalm blast of an album Raw Power.”
The Quietus
“I Went Much Further Than I Ever Thought I Could”: Johnny Marr Interviewed by Taylor Parkes – 27 November 2012 “Taylor Parkes talks to the formidable guitarist about why he’s been happy since The Smiths just doing a bit of this and a bit of that”
“Muse, Blur, The Killers, Johnny Marr and KYlie all feature on the cover of the brand new issue of Q – out next week – as we present this year’s Q Awards.”

The Telegraph
Rolling Stones: My Favorite Song by Johnny Marr – 19 November 2012 “As the Rolling Stones’s 50th anniversary tour rolls into London this wee, we ask stars to choose their favourite Stones song. First up is former Smiths guitaraist Johnny Marr, who picks ‘I Can’t Get No Satisfaction.’
Johnny Marr – Ready For His Close-up by Andy Welch – 3 November 2012 “Andy Welch meets the most celebrated guitarist of his generation as he finally prepares to go solo.”
Rolling Stone (print)
100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time – October 2012 (Online – November 2011)

Artful British Guitar Pop with Hooks. I Knew I Had To Do That Group by Lois Wilson – October 2012 “Psycholgeography, techno-fetishes, Norther soul all-nighters: Johnny Marr’s first solo album is set to unleash the cerebral side of the still-restless former Smith.”The Boy Looked At Johnny by Tony Fletcher – October 2012 “Punctured bicycles, hapless drummers, gay directions, bowling shirts/ Thirty years since The Smiths’ miracle birth, Tony Fletcher taps into his revealing new biography to celebrate their protean phase, from Morrissey and Marr’s starred initial summit to the seismic emergence of ‘Hand In Glove’ less than eight monthe later. ‘It was instantly right,’ learns MOJO, ‘and we were instantly ready.'”

Vintage Guitar Magazine
Johnny Marr Brit Gets a Git by Doug Yellow Bird – 26 September 2012 (originally published in June 2012)
The Guardian
A Light that Never Goes Out: The Enduring Saga of the Smiths by Tony Fletcher – review by John Harris – 6 September 2012
Richard King
Johnny Marr Transcript by Richard King – 15 August 2012 “It was unsurprisingly a very great pleasure to interview Johnny Marr for How Soon Is Now? This is an extract from the transcript and contains material which wasn’t included in the book.”
Drowned In Sound
DiS meets Johnny Marr & Nile Rodgers – “The greatest artistic motivator in music is jealousy” by David Edwards – 29 July 2012 “I think what I responded from was not just Nile’s guitar playing, but was that all those songs were really emotive. And that’s in Nile’s chords, Nile’s piano. And it’s emotive and it’s romantic. But in so many of those songs, people hear it and respond to it. And much as Nile’s into the groove, there a whole load of beautiful melodies on top of it.”
The Mouth Magazine
An Interview With Johnny Marr – 29 July 2012 “My role in The The was to be as inventive a guitar player as possible. It was an opportunity to do things in a different way than I’d done before, with more varied guitar sounds, particularly live. It was Matt’s thing, he ran it and wrote the songs but it was very much a band at that point with all the members involved and contributing. Dusk is my favourite thing I did with The The. I like Dogs of Lust, Slow Emotion Replay, Love Is Stronger Than Death…”
The Quietus
Morrissey & Marr: 25 Years Since The Alliance Was Severed – 23 July 2012 “This year sees the 25th anniversary of the split of The Smiths. Johnny Rogan’s masterful book The Severed Alliance has itself just had a 20th anniversary reprint by Omnibus. Here, reprinted in full, is the chapter that deals with the band’s last few weeks.”
American Songwriter
Johnny Marr: This Charming Guitar by Davis Inman – 12 July 2012
Ask Me
Johnny Marr Interview by Marie Violette – 8, 9, 10 July 2012 Three-part Interview: Manchester/School Days/Family/Trouble/Drugs/Twitter/ Tattoos/Technology/Huxley/America/Creativity/The Marr Sound & Style/ The Healers/Fans & Critics/Johnny’s Signature Jag/Autobiography & Legacy
Guitar World
Johnny Marr Interview by Brad Angle, photos by Jon Shard – July 2012
Guitarist Magazine (355)
Reviewed: Johnny Marr Jaguar – June 2012
The Guardian
Readers Recommend: Riffs by Jon Dennis – 17 May 2012 “Johnny Marr’s bright and breezy (but inimitable) refrain on This Charming Man spawned thousands of imitators, but none equaled the Smiths guitarist, who deftly appropriated Byrds jangle and African hi-life while marking out his own territory. As oohgetyou puts it: “Nothing before or since has ever sounded quite like it.”
The Independent
Now That’s What I Call Music… – 16 May 2012 “A great lyric can bewitch, baffle or break your heart. Ahead of the Ivor Novello Awards, songwriters reveal the lyricists who have inspired them”

‘The Thrill Of It All by Roxy Music’ – “I like that it’s philosophical in a pop-streetwise way, and has a sense of exhilaration that matches the music, which is very important.”

The Travel Almanac (Issue 3)
Running With Johnny Marr by Martin Hossbach, Archival Photos by Kevin Cummins and Portrait by Jon Shard – 11 May 2012 “Johnny Marr, guitarist and founder of the legendary rock band The Smiths explains why jogging is his preferred mode of transportation.”

Thank you. I like secondary cities. What Manchester is to London, or what Sheffield is to Manchester, Melbourne and Sydney, Portland and Seattle. I’m not sure though if the comparison works with Hamburg and Berlin…it’s always the baby-brother cities that pull a certain kind of person. When I think of Melbourne I think of The Birthday Party, when I think of Sydney, I think of…INXS.

Guitarist & Bass Magazine (255)
Video and print interview in French – May/June 2012 “Johnny Marr : un nom d’ores et déjà inscrit dans l’histoire du rock, Smiths hier, Healers aujourd’hui, l’enthousiasme reste terriblement communicatif!”

Spin’s 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time by SPIN Staff – 3 May 2012

A.V. Club
Johnny Marr has no negative thoughts about The Smiths, seriously by Noel Murray – 1 May 2012
Johnny Marr The former Smiths guitarist on Dusty Springfield, Faust the Stooges, and more by Mark Richardson – 24 April 2012 “5-10-15-20 features artists talking about the songs and albums that made an impact on them throughout their lives, five years at a time.”
Premier Guitar
Fender Johnny Marr Signature Jaguar Review by Charles Saufley – 20 April 2012
Bliss Magazine
Johnny Marr X Fender by Lize Rice McCray – April 2012
Rolling Stone
Johnny Marr on Breaking Up the Smiths, Remastering Their Catalog by Benjy Eisen – 11 April 2012 “‘I had the foresight to see disaster looming,’ says guitarist”
Johnny Marr Remembers the Smiths’ Studio Albums by David Marchese – 10 April 2012 “The guitar icon breaks down the band’s four classic LPs”
Guitar and Bass
Papa’s Got A Brand New Jag by Hayden Hewitt – March 2012 “The Fender Jaguar has always drawn independently-minded devotees, and Johnny Marr has spent years fine-tuning his new signature model to create a guitar that works even better than it looks.”
Vive Le Rock! (Issue 6)
born into A LIGHT by James Sharples – February 2012
Total Guitar
String ‘em up by Henry Yates – February 2012 “Indie guitar’s godfather fields your questions on shredders, supergroups stunted hands and his songwriting magic with Morrissey”
Guitarist Magazine (351)
Johnny’s Jag – Marr unveils his new signature Fender Jaguar – February 2012 Top Cat by Chris Vinnicome, Johnny’s Jaguar by Dave Burrluck, Repairing The Past by Dave Burrluck and 50 Years Young by Mick Taylor

Marr has made the 200-mile journey to give Guitarist the skinny on how he, Bill and engineer John Moore have collaborated with Fender on a signature instrument that reinvents the super-cool but notoriously idiosyncratic Jaguar for the modern gigging guitarist.

iGuitar Interactive Magazine
Johnny And The Jaguar – 9 February 2012 Johnny Marr – one of Indie’s few guitar heroes – has a new signature Fender Jaguar – Video interview by Jamie Humphries Gary Cooper looks at the genesis of Johnny’s new Fender by Gary Cooper Jamie Humphries pays tribute to Johnny Marr – the legendary UK guitarist, and unlikely guitar hero by Jamie Humphries
INTERVIEW: Johnny Marr by Ronnie Dungan – 2 February 2012 “Guitar hero Johnny Marr has spent the last few years putting together a signature Jaguar model for Fender, which will hit shops this year. Ronnie Dungan visited the former Smiths, Modest Mouse and Cribs guitarist, who is now full-time with his own band The Healers once again, at a studio in Salford to find out how it all came together…”
Ultimate Guitar
Johnny Marr On Fender Signature Guitar: ‘It Was Such A Privilege’ – 31 January 2012
An Audience With…Johnny Marr by John Lewis – January 2012 “On veganism, rock-star wheels, working with Girls Aloud and the beehive hairdo…The guitar-slinging former Smith reveals all…” answering questions from Roy Harper, Jane Birkin, Andrew Loog Oldham, Mike Joyce and others


Guitar Interactive Magazine (Issue 6)
Bert Jansch by Gary Cooper – 14 December 2011 Article on Folk guitarist Bert Jansch who was an inspiration for a generation of rock guitarists
Johnny Marr On Revisiting Classics Joining A Band And White Tea – 7 December 2011

Rolling Stone
100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time – November 2011 “The Smiths’ guitarist was a guitar genius for the post-punk era: not a showboating soloist, but a technician who could sound like a whole band. As a kid studying Motown records, Johnny Marr would try to replicate not just guitar riffs but piano and strings too, all with his right hand. His voluptuous arpeggios – often played on a chiming Rickenbacker with incredible flow and detailing – were every bit as essential to the Smiths’ signature sound as Morrissey’s baritone.”
The Vegan
Interview With Johnny Marr by Louise Wallis – 2011
Loud and Quiet Magazine
Leftovers by Veronica Falls – 19 November 2011 “Last Month We Traveled to Brooklyn to Interview Veronica Falls. They left behind these Queries for Johnny Marr”
Who Does Johnny Marr Think He Is? by Matt Wilkinson – 5 November 2011 “Balancing Smiths projects, soundtracks and his new album, you could say Johnny Marr’s having an identity crisis. Matt Wilkinson finds out where his head’s really at”
NME and Uncut
The Smiths – The Full Story of the Ultimate Indie Band – 1 November 2011
Sabotage Times
Why The Smiths Will Never Reform by Jon Howe – 22 October 2011
Pop Matters
The Smiths: Complete by Evan Sawdey – 21 October 2011
Hear Johnny Marr’s Team-Ups With Best Coast, Tom Vek and More by William Goodman – 18 October 2011
The Wall Street Journal
Celebrities’ Favorite Privacy Screen by Mike Vilensky – 15 October 2011
The Wall Street Journal
Johnny Marr on His Personal Style, and the Music Scene by Elva Ramirez – 14 October 2011
Dazed Digital
Ray-Ban Raw Sounds: Johnny Marr by Polly Mackey – 13 October 2011
The Sun
I have nothing but fondness for The Smiths…but I”m glad I left by Jacqui Swift – 7 October 2011
The Guardian
The Smiths and Morrissey changed our lives by Jon Savage, Gemma Kappala-Ramsamy and Rosanna Boscawen – 1 October 2011
Louder Than Bombs
Johnny Marr 1st solo gig for 7 years with several Smiths songs: live review by Danny Mahon – 1 October 2011
New Reviews
Johnny Marr Played Guitar…At The Night and Day Cafe by Amanda Window – 30 September 2011
The Guardian
From Leiber and Stoller to Lennon and McCartney: the alchemy of the duo by Laura Barton – 23 August 2011
There Is A Light That Never Goes Out 25 Years of The Queen Is Dead by Mark Beaumont, photo by Stephen Wright – 18 June 2011 “The myths. The secrets. The drugs. the Smiths tell Mark Beaumont the full story of how four boys from Manchester created one of the greatest British albums of all time”

Black and white photo taken by Stephen Wright of The Smiths with red printing over it.

Spin Magazine
Meeting Morrissey Is Murder by Steve Kandall – June 2011 “The Smiths’ self-titled debut album was release in February 1984 to instant adulation and acclaim. Four months later, the band played to the biggest audience of their youg career in the late-afternoon Saturday slot at the Glastonbury Festival. Bristol-based photographer Paul Norris caught the just as they finished their set, and just as a wild-eyed fan excitedly accosted Morrissey, the band’s singer.”
Louise Wallis
Interview with Johnny Marr by Louise Wallis – 6 August 2011
The Ruling Class – April 2011 “Twenty five years ago The Smiths unveiled their landmark album The Queen Is Dead. Over the next 15 pages Mojo saluted its deathless, insurgent power.”

Manchester Evening News
Johnny Marr visits Jimi Hendrix exhibition by Dianne Bourne – 4 February 2011

50 Greatest Guitar Riffs in Rock ‘n’ Roll by Jason Persse – 13 January 2011 #15 – ‘This Charming Man’
The Best Thing I’ve Heard All Year – January 2011 “The stars pic their fave tracks of 2010″

Record Collector
The Smiths On Tour 1982-1986 – January 2011


BBC Music
The Smiths Rank Review by Martin Aston – 31 December 2010 “A newfound machismo makes Rank a fascinating, thrilling document”

With anti-Coalition fervour being stoked by students and Morrissey and Marr combined, there is no more perfect time to revisit its molten drama.

The Guardian
Jon Savage on song by Jon Savage – 15 December 2010 “The Smiths’ The Queen Is Dead is an anthem for our times”

I’ve been thinking about The Queen Is Dead a lot after the student riots last Thursday (9 December). When something fundamental happens, it often falls to music to make some kind of emotional sense of an event that has strongly affected you.

The Guardian
Has Johnny Marr started something by ditching David Cameron? by Mark Beaumont – 3 December 2010
The Guardian
In Praise of…Johnny Marr – editorial – 3 December 2010
The Mojo Playlist – October 2010
Total Guitar
Johnny Marr” by Henry Yates – October 2010 “Even in the darkest days of British music, Johnny Marr’s guitar playing is a light that never goes out. From The Smiths to The Cribs, this is the rollercoaster story of one of the most iconic figures in rock, told exclusively by the charming man himself”

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He’s not miserable now by Josh Loeb and Miranda Bryant – 22 February 2010< “Johnny Marr’s stolen guitar returned 10 years on.”
The Sunday Times
Making sure the Smiths will have their day – 12 February 2010 “As a Facebook campaign is launched to give the Smiths their first UK No 1 single, Terry Christian hails their genius.”

I first met Marr when we were both on an ITV series called Devil’s Advocate in 1981. There had been a string of inner-city riots across the country that summer, so ITV took 100 unemployed youngsters from Manchester and put them in a studio to discuss the causes of the trouble. Marr was a very clued-up 17-year-old, into a lot of the bands I liked, and we’d chat to each other.

Willamette Week
Extended Q & A with Johnny Marr by Michael Mannheimer – Portland, Oregon – 27 January 2010


Spin Magazine
Johnny Marr Joins the Cribs for L.A. Tour Opener by Liam Gowing – 10 November 2009
The Cribs by Sung – 9 November 2009
Johnny Marr Talks About The Cribs and Modest Mouse, Not About The Smiths by Tom Breihan – 15 October 2009
Johnny Marr by Jamie Franklin – 2009 “Noel Gallagher said this man made the most unique music of perhaps any generation. NME said his band, The Smiths, were the most influential band of all time. Want to find out which Boss pedals were used on some of The Smiths’ greatest tracks? Want to know which Roland product he sleeps with in his tour bunk? Ladies and Gentleman, we give you the fourth Cribs member, Mr Johnny Marr.”
The Japan Times
Burning bright, a light that will never go out by Daniel Robson – 25 September 2009 “Guitarist Johnny Marr, cofounder of 1980s indie legends The Smihts, is on his way to Japan with his latest band – The Cribs”
The Quietus
Johnny Marr and The Jarmans: The Cribs, The Smiths And The Trouble With Indie by Luke Turner – 11 September 2009

Yeah we did, because we got in the charts. But it can be an opportunity. Because that only happens because the band rock like fuck. If a band play in a wet style, and very fey, those guys won’t come back. With The Smiths, for all our ideas of Oscar Wilde and afternoon tea, we could do that, we knew that we really took care of business. No matter whether you’re an artist, a creative intellectual, if you want to see a rock band you’ve got to rock like fuck, and that isn’t being rockist.

This Charming Man words by Henry Yates, portraits by Jesse Wild – September 2009 “Johnny Marr’s glorious playing in The Smiths was a tonic to the shred and synths of the eighties, but the story doesn’t end there. Now a full-time member of The Cribs, the guitar legend talks about the pressure of session work, the perils of the blues and those reunion rumours…”
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Here’s Johnny: Marr on Morrissey, guitars and whether The Smiths will ever reform by Jon Wilde – 31 August 2009
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The Boys Looked At Johnny by Johnny Marr – 15 March 2009 Interview with Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe
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Johnny Marr’s headmaster ritual by Dan Stubbs – February 2009 “The former Smiths man and recent Cribs conscript returns to the University Of Salford’s Maxwell Hall, site of one of his most triumphant shows, for his toughest gig yet: the seat of learning’s new visiting professor.”
Johnny Marr’s MOJO Mix! by Lois Wilson – 28 January 2009


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The Outsiders: Johnny Marr on the Misfits and Mavericks who make Music Magical by Johnny Marr – 14 November 2008
The Sound Of The Smiths – 10 November 2008 Johnny Marr and engineer Frank Arkwright talk about the new compilation
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Salford Lad Is Back by John Crace – 12 February 2008
You’ve Got Everything Now by Stevie Chick – 2008 “The Jarman trio have acquired another brother in guitar hero Johnny Marr, got a grown-up new sound, and real issues to rage against. This time they’re serious”
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Ain’t Superstitious, But These Things I’ve Seen…
Johnny Marr: Beyond The Smiths by Paul Snyder – February 2008 Wonderful nine-part series on Johnny Marr


Mail Online
It’s A Man’s World: Johnny Marr by Stephanie Smith – 15 December 2007 “The Smiths guitar legend on fitness, fashion and grooming”

The Word
His Satanic Modesty Requests by Andrew Harrison – September 2007

With The Smiths he turned British music upside down. Now, with Modest Mouse, his fortunes are at their highest in 20 years. What keeps Johnny Marr moving? ‘ When you achieve stuff that was way beyond the clouds,’ he says, ‘then you have to start drawing your own map.”

What Rock ‘n’ Roll Has Taught Me Johnny Marr – 13 June 2007 “Previously of The Smiths, now of Modest Mouse, the guitar legends talks Keith Richards, The Horrors and – yes – The Smiths”


The Independent
The Smiths: Johnny Marr Looks Back – 24 February 2006


Guitar Techniques
This Charming Man by John Wheatcroft – October 2005

During his time with The Smiths Johnny employed a number of interesting rhythmic and harmonic devices. Firstly he would frequently tune up a tone, allowing Morrissey to exploit his natural range to full effect. Marr’s parts would often use intricately-picked arpeggios, jangling open strings, rapid flamenco style acoustic strumming. Also, the use of counter melodies played on the high strings using the interval of a third is reminiscent of the West African guitar style of Highlife.


The Guardian Gold Smith by Will Hodgkinson – 3 June 2004
“The most innovative guitarist of his generation is going back to his roots. ‘I seem to be in transition a lot of the time, but the one constant that has stayed through my life has been the notion of saying what you need to say with an acoustic guitar,’ states Johnny Marr. ‘There are things that can be done with an acoustic guitar and a voice that I find ore interesting and more expressive than standing on the stage with four geezers in leather jackets. There is nobility in it.'”
Guitarist Magazine
Bert Gave Me Something To Aspire To – February 2004
Johnny talks about Bert Jansch


Livewire’s One on One
Front and Center with Johnny Marr by Tony Bonyata – 23 June 2003
Ink 19
The Boy With The Thorn In His Side: An Interview with Johnny Marr by Gail Worley – May 2003
Chart Attack
Sloan Vs. The Smiths: Jay Ferguson Interviews Johnny Marr by Jay Ferguson – 1 March 2003


Q & A With Johnny Marr by Matthew Fritch – 15 December 2002 “MAGNET sent its Smiths superfan to meet Marr at a New York hotel. Upon spotting Marr in the lobby, superfan admits to hiding behind a potted plant for a moment to collect whatever cool he could muster.”


Q Magazine
Interview about The Smiths’ First UK Tour – February 2001


The Independent
How we met: Johnny Marr & Bernard Sumner by Laurence Phelan – 18 July 1999


Electronic Bernard Sumner & Johnny Marr’s post-Prozac pop life by Lisa Verrace – July 1996 “Electronic Johnny Marr Bernard Sumner Brothers of invention – Separately, they were the architects of some of the greatest British music ever made. Together, they’re trying to do a bit more than that. Ladeez and gennelmun, cleaned-up, wised-up and trussed-up in some nice Safeways pants, the supersonic duophonic Johnny Marr and Bernard Sumner
100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time – June 1996


It’s time the tale were told…Johnny Marr on The Smiths by Stuart Maconie – December 1993 “In The Smiths, I wanted to be Phil specotr with a guitar. And I stil do…” Johnny Marr breaks a three year silence to talk about life in the pilot seat of the greatest British band since The Beatles. Of course, it’s over now. Or is it?


Record Collector
The Smiths Johnny Marr’s Views by Johnny Rogan – Nov/Dec 1992 “Johnny Rogan, author of the controversial Morrissey & Marr: The Severed Alliance, talks to the Smiths’ guitarist about their early career”


Guitar The Magazine
Marr Talks Guitar by Paul Trynka – 1991 “Johnny Marr has assembled the best guitarist’s CV in the UK, featuring The Smiths, The The, Bryan Ferry, Pretenders, Talking Heads and now, a supergroup for the Nineties, Electronic”


Guitar For The Practicing Musician
Johnny Marr Booked Solid by Jim Farber – July 1990

Guitar Player
Guitar Anti-Hero Johnny Marr The Smiths & Beyond by Joe Gore – January 1990

Alternative Press
Johnny Marr: All Grown Up by Corazon Chacon – 1990 “Few of Johnny Marr’s contemporaries can match his accomplishment. A bona-fide player’s player, his demeanor is the complete antithesis of your average guitar god and his self-awareness is refreshing. ‘I like the idea of being a pop musician. I’m a lucky guitar player. There are a lot of guitar players who would kill to be able to do what I’ve done.'”


The Sonics Q & A by Brad Lonard – December 1989 “Since leaving the Smiths, Johnny Marr has been the man everyone wants to work with. His unmistakable guitar colours have graced recordings by the likes of Bryan Ferry, Talking Heads, Simple Minds, Kirsty MacColl, the Pretenders, and he’s co-written with many of them. These days he’s a fully-fledged member of The The. Lets hear the business from…The guitarsmith”
Heaven Knows Johnny Marr’s Not Miserable Now by Johnny Marr with Scott Isler – September 1989 “The Smiths guitarist finds happiness after five years of fame”
Johnny, Remember Me? by Dave Haslam – 24 June, 1989 “Johnny Marr speaks! An in-depth interview with rock’s most wanted gunslinger”
International Musician And Recording World
Marres Barres: Fretwork Special by John Perry – April 1989 “Johnny Marr, Guitarist/Composer with The Smiths is currently working with Matt Johnson on a new The The album. The Smiths enjoyed considerable chart success during the 80’s and were one of a very select number who did so by reworking/rethinking the guitar band format – at a time when many people were declaring such line-ups redundant.”


Record Mirror
Johnny Marr by Eleanor Levy – 14 June 1986 “I play guitar in a hip group and I’m skinny with dark hair. Sounds perfect to me”. As the Smiths tell the world The Queen Is Dead, J Marr tells us about record company disputes, moving to London, drunkards wandering around his garden at two o’clock in the morning…and coming to terms with sex symbol status
Johnny Marr lounges on chair with guitar, sunglasses and hoop earring

Record Mirror 1986, photo by Jo Novark


Melody Maker
Johnny Marr Strumming For The Smiths – 3 August 1985
Color photo of Johnny Marr in white denim jadket with Gretsch guitar

Johnny Marr posing for photo shoot with “loaner” guitar
Photo by Tom Sheehan

Johnny Marr by Geoff Twigg – 9 February 1985 “The Smiths are currently preparing for their next album, having recently risen to international success; Geoff Twigg chatted to guitarist Johnny Marr about his musical influences, intuition and instruments.”
Johnny Marr reclining in a black leather jacket strumming an acoustic guitar

Johnny Marr with his Gibson J160E