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The Line Of Best Fit – 25 June 2015
Johnny Marr: “It’s always been the job of artists and creative people to blow the whistle” by Ed Nash
New Statesman – 4 February 2015
Johnny Marr, Glenda Jackson, Viv Albertine and others on whether our society has become too posh


The Sydney Morning Herald – 12 December 2014
Johnny Marr still chasing making a perfect 45 by Bernard Zuel
San Diego CityBeat – 10 December 2014
Johnny Marr hits his solo stride by Scott McDonald
“Former Smiths guitarist moves beyond his storied past”
Williamette Week – 9 December 2014
Fresh Meat: Johnny Marr by Amy Miller
“The Former Smiths Guitarist (And Former Portland Resident) Won’t Grow A Beard but Might Like To Build A Clone Commune”
The Brag – 9 December 2014
Johnny Marr – 3 December 2014
Johnny Marr still has faith in the power of music by Amy Alexander Varty
Entertainment Weekly – 2 December 2014
Johnny Marr on his new record and why his Hall of Fame nod’s not a big deal by Linda Laban
Guitar Player – December 2014
Dynamo! by Michael Molenda
“Johnny Marr Details The Wild, Live-Energy Strategies in Play for Playland
The Guardian – 23 November 2014
On my radar: Johnny Marr’s cultural highlights by Kathy Sweeney
Drowned In Sound – 9 October 2014
DiS meets Johnny Marr: “Art and entertainment don’t need to be mutually exclusive” by Joe Goggins
Q Magazine – 2 October 2014 (340)
The Boy With A Thorn In His Side by Sylvia Patterson
“I’ve been called a workaholic but I don’t think I’m driven in any negative way. I’m just enthusiastic. I believe in bands, I believe in music, I believe it’s art. I believe, still, there’s nothing quite so powerful as an 18 year old with nothing to lose.”


The Talks – 1 October 2014
Johnny Marr: “Who Cares About Authentic?”
The Guardian – 27 September 2014
Johnny Marr: ‘A lot of people are afraid’ by John Harris
“With the Smiths Johnny Marr blazed a trail for music with a political conscience. Now a successful solo artist, he still thinks it’s a musician’s job to ask awkward questions. But why is he such a lone voice?”
Discussions Magazine – 24 September 2014
Dynamo: An Exclusive Interview with Johnny Marr by Stephen SPAZ Schnee
The Independent – 25 August 2014
BBC Radio 2 Greatest Guitar Riff Poll – #6 ‘How Soon Is Now?’
Q Magazine – 29 July 2014 (338)
News on Johnny’s new album with exclusive photos by Ross Halfin at RAK Studios
NME – 14 June 2014
Marr’s attack by Rhian Daly
“Guitar hero and NME Godlike Genius Johnny Marr fills us in on the forthcoming follow-up to last year’s solo album, ‘The Messenger'”

NME’s World Cup Playlist

Lancashire Evening Post – 1 June 2014
Marr: Pharrell is our Stevie Wonder
“Here, he chats about loving Spiderman and why timing is everything”
MOJO – 1 May 2014
Johnny Marr by Lois Wilson
“Ignoring his broken hand, the resurgent guitar lodestar preps solo album number two by turning up the heat.”



Faster Louder – 22 December 2013
Johnny Marr: “I tried to rebel against what I was known for” by Andrew P Street
“Ahead of his appearance at Southbound/Falls, guitar god Johnny Marr tells Andrew P Street about leaving the Cribs, going solo and ‘that weird little group from Manchester'”.
Clash – 10 October 2013
Laura Marling And Johnny Marr On Songwriting by Daniel Rachel
“Excerpts from Isle Of Noises: Conversations With Great British Songwriters”
Metro – 17 September 2013
Johnny Marr: ‘I’ve always had a blind spot to the music of Queen’
“Guitarist Johnny Marr, 49, is known for his work in The Smiths and has been in Electronic, Modest Mouse and The Cribs. He released his first solo album this year.”
NME – 7 September 2013
Pieces Of Me by Johnny Marr
“The jangly Smith-turned-solo-hero on his love for T Rex, Portland, Oregon and his regal jukebox”
Irish Mirror – 26 August 2013
Messenger Marr is delivering up front by Maeve Quigley
“Former Smiths guitarist really enjoying taking the lead”
The Arts Desk – 17 August 2013
theartsdesk Q&A: Musician Johnny Marr by Nick Hasted
“The former Smiths guitarist reflects at length on a life of musical wanderlust
The Japan Times – 8 August 2013
Marr’s new message by Shaun Curran
“UK guitarist to play Summer Sonic, rules out Smiths reunion”
NME – 31 July 2013
Johnny Marr says filming gigs on a mobile phone is for ‘dicks’ – watch
“Foals, Alt-J and Biffy Clyro also share their views on the gig-filming debate
Interview – 27 July 2013
By Nick Zinner, Photography by Robbie Fimanno

Photo by Robbie Fimanno

New Times – 18 July 2013
Johnny Marr’s Top 10 Most Unexpected Musical Moments by David Von Bader
The Guardian – 29 June 2013
Johnny Marr: soundtrack of my life by Craig McLean
“The former Smiths guitarist on his love for Chic, bonding with Morrissey over Bob and Marcia and the raw power of the Stooges”
The Telegraph – 26 June 2013
Johnny Marr interview: ‘I’ve been in all my favourite bands’ by Rob Hughes
“Johnny Marr’s five years in The Smiths have overshadowed his prolific output but the revered guitarist is finally stepping into the limelight.”
NME – 19 June 2013
Johnny Marr reveals ‘record label politics’ stopped him releasing Smiths rarities box-set
“Guitarist had been working on a comprehensive collection of bootlegs and instrumentals”
Sabotage Times – 7 June 2013
Johnny Marr Is Not Morrissey: Get Over It by Julie Hamill
“Whenever Johnny plays Smiths songs, you know the Morrissey comparisons will come thick and fast – but Marr is more than able to go it alone.”
Louder Than War – 5 June 2013
Nile Rodgers And Chic: Manchester Ritz – Live Review by Jacky Carroll, photos by Elspeth Moore
The Independent – 25 March 2013
‘If you want to know about me and Morrissey, Google it’: Ex-Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr talks relationships and reunions by Adam Barr “He’s worked with Modest Mouse, the Pet Shop Boys and Beck, to name a few, and recently released his first solo album. So why, wonders Johnny Marr, do people still hark on about The Smiths”


Manchester Evening News – 22 March 2013
Johnny Marr’s coming home by Sarah Walters “Sarah Walters talks to Johnny Marr about his debut solo album and his return to Manchester.”
Cambridge News – 12 March 2013
Philosophical talk with Johnny Marr by Andy Welch
“After years as a sideman, the former Smiths guitarist – who plays a sold-out show at Cambridge Junction on March 12 – is taking centre stage with his debut solo album The Messenger. He tells Andy Welch why the time was finally right, and why it’s all about philosophy”
Hot Press – 11 March 2013
Hot Press Meets Johnny Marr by Olaf Tyaransen
“He’s rightly chuffed about his cracking new solo album but, a quarter of a century after The Smiths’ break-up, Johnny Marr remains testy about those never-ending reunion rumours…”
NME – 9 March 2013
Godlike Genius Johnny Marr
“As if any further proof were required that Johnny Marr is a bona fide Godlike Genius, his closing set was it. His solo material (‘Upstarts’, ‘Sun & Moon’) sound stonking; he enlists The Vaccine’s frontman Justin Young for a rip-snorting cover of “I Fought The Law’; he starts the mother of all guitar duels when he and Ronnie Fucking Wood exchange licks during Smiths classic ‘How Soon Is Now?’. The best, though, is saved ’til last. ‘Have we got time for one more? he asks, before launching into ‘There Is A Light That Never Goes Out’. Perfect”
New Statesman – 4 March 2013
Johnny Marr: “Everyone should get a fair shout, and no one can tell me that the Conservative Party have ever been about that” by Rob Pollard
“Rob Pollard speaks to the erstwhile Smiths guitarist, Johnny Marr”
Loaded – March 2013
Time For A Little Bit Marr by Matthew Drake, photos by Jon Sheehan
“A quarter of a century after leaving The Smiths, Johnny Marr’s reputation as a true guitar legend is well-established. About time he released his first solo album, then…”
Q – March 2013
Johnny Marr: Smiths Legend Answers Your Questions by Chris Catchpole, portraits by Alex Lake
“He was expecting queries about ‘my hair and getting The Smiths back together’. So how would the six-string legend tackle topics such as La’s mystery man Lee Mavers and ‘the worst chord in the world’? Oh, and The Cribs’ hair?”
Tales of The Smiths Comic – 2013 March
A Blast From The Johnny Marr Past by Con Chrisoulis
AmazonCoUK (video)February 2013
Johnny Marr Answers Your Questions
“He’s a bit of an indie icon; former guitarist for The Smiths and The Cribs among other bands, and unsurprisingly he’s got a lot to talk about. Luckily, in advance of the release of his new solo album The Messenger Johnny Marr agreed to answer some questions submitted by you the fans, via our AmazonMusicUK Facebook wall. He’s picked his ten favourite questions and answered them in the video below, filmed exclusively for”
Paste – 27 February 2013
10 Great Johnny Marr Guitar Moments by Tyler Kane
Billy Bragg, Talking Heads, The Smiths, Electronic, The The, Beck and Modest Mouse
iHeartRADIO – 26 February 2013
Offbeat with Johnny Marr by Ashlee McDonald
“Find out what inspire the former Smiths guitarist and hear his new album
The Quietus – 26 February 2013
Johnny Marr The Messenger by Ben Hewit
“Speak of the messenger and lo, he doth appear – it’s just taken him a bloody long time to turn up carrying a bag bulging with missives penned solely by his own hand. But when you’re as high-class a courier as Johnny Marr, there’s scant opportunity to hone solitary wares.”
The Hollywood Reporter – 25 February 2013
The Smiths’ Johnny Mar Goes His Own Way: ‘I Like Being A Frontman’ (Q&A) by Tracey Davenport
“Solo album “The Messenger” brought the guitarist back to his native Manchester. Now, Marr looks ahead to high-profile gigs (among them: Coachella) where he’ll take center stage.”
Death And Taxes – 25 February 2013
What He Said: An interview with Johnny Marr by Doug Bleggi
MTV Hive – 25 February 2013
Johnny Marr Is Not Interested in Blowing Up the Internet by Eric Spitznagel
“Morrissey once said, “I would rather eat my own testicles than reform the Smiths.” Which seems like a pretty definitive statement, especially coming from a vegan. Did he really need to take it that far? Couldn’t he just have said, “No, sorry, the Smiths still aren’t reuniting?” Probably not. Because we aren’t a pop culture-loving world that takes no for an answer. When I read Morrissey’s scrotum-eating declaration, my first thought wasn’t, “Wow, he really doesn’t like the Smiths.” My first thought was, “So you’re saying it’s pooooossible?”
Lancashire Evening Post – 23 February 2013
Johnny Marr – Talks about life as a solo artist by Andy Welch
“After years as a sideman, former Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr brings his debut solo album to Preston on March 8. He tells Andy Welch why the time was finally right…”
Liverpool Echo – 22 February 2013
Johnny Marr on The Royal Court, Eric’s and why Liverpool is always a great place to play by Jade Wright
The New York Times – 22 February 2013
A Smith Asserts His Own Name – Johnny Marr of the Smiths Releases A Solo Album by Larry Rohter
“What took so long? Twenty-five years after he left the Smiths, perhaps the most influential British pop band of the 1980s, the guitarist Johnny Marr has finally made a solo album.”
Uncut – 22 February 2013
Johnny Marr – Album By Album by Stephen Trousse
“Johnny Marr’s first proper solo album, The Messenger, is reviewed in the new issue of Uncut, dated March 2013, and out now, so it seemed time to revisit the guitarist’s impressive back catalogue with the man himself… From Uncut’s February 2008 issue (Take 129), Marr relives the making of records from The Smiths and The The to Electronic and Modest Mouse.”
The Sun – 22 February 2012
It’s the right time to do a solo album..I can’t play music I don’t believe in – Says Johnny Marr by Jacqui Swift
“When it comes to his career, Johnny Marr as always let music dictate what he does next.”
Consequence Of Sound – 21 February 2013
Interview: Johnny Marr by Len Comaratta
“Johnny Marr is a guitarist’s guitarist, a modern-day icon of rock and roll, and a man who firmly believes that pop music can still be made with guitars. As one of the leaders of Manchester’s The Smiths, Marr’s jangly guitar, loose grooves, and haunting effects helped elevate the Mancunian quartet to such a level of influence that today the band is often considered one of, if not the, most important British band of its era.”
Drowned In Sound – 20 February 2013
“My guitar…It’s a machine to make pop music” – DiS meets Johnny Marr by Marc Burrows
“Johnny Marr is quite clear that what he does is pop music. And pop, emphatically, is no dirty word.”
The Wall Street Journal – 20 February 2013
Still Close To His Roots by Jim Fusilli
“Born 49 years ago in the Ardwick district here, Johnny Marr quickly dived into his lifelong passion for popular music and guitars, forming his first band at age 13 and falling under the sway of local guitar heroes like Billy Duffy. In May 1982, Mr. Marr met Steven Patrick Morrissey at the latter’s childhood home in Stretford, which led to the formation of the Smiths, one of rock’s greatest and most influential groups of the 1980s.”
Noozhawk – 19 February 2013
New Order, Johnny Marr to Join Forces at Santa Barbara Bowl by Jesse Lee Weiss for Nederlander Concerts
Clash – 19 February 2013
European Me: Johnny Marr – I may be a target but I know I’m a target… by Robin Murray
“Johnny Marr has nothing to prove. Even discarding his role in A Certain Iconic Indie Group, the guitarist has – in the past decade alone – provided guitar craft for Modest Mouse before a highly successful stint in The Cribs. Yet with his new solo album ‘The Messenger’ the musician seems to have gained a renewed sense of vigour, a distilled sense of energy. Punchy, direct and refusing to hold back it’s the sound of a songwriter who has looked at the world around him and clearly decided that enough, frankly, is enough.”
Vice – 19 February 2013
Johnny Marr Takes Music And Fashion Seriously – An Interview with the Coolest Guitarist to Ever Breathe Air by Kelly McClure with photos by Kevin Shea Adams
“Music and fashion go together like pedophiles and children. It’s always been an uneasy, somewhat forced relationship that results from perversion and mental illness. Johnny Marr is one of the few musicians who got it right. We interviewed him about being in The Smiths, and about whether or not Morrissey could beat him at arm wrestling.”

Photo by Kevin Shea Adams

BBC News Entertainment & Arts – 17 February 2013
Johnny Marr on The Smiths and going solo by Ian Youngs
NME – 16 February 2013
Heaven Knows He’s Godlike Now by Barry Nicolson with photos by David Edwards
“Ever since he formed The Smiths, Johnny Marr has been at the forefront of indie rock, shaping it for future generations. That’s why on February 27 he will be crowned Godlike Genius at the NME Awards. Barry Nicolson traces his path to Godliness, and hears about some emails to Morrissey…”

Johnny Marr NME

Pitchfork – 15 February 2013
Johnny Marr by Carrie Battan
“The legendary guitarist chats about growing up in the public eye, how to not be an asshole in the world of rock ‘n’ roll, and his first proper solo LP The Messenger.
Irish Times – 15 February 2013
Back To The Front by Lauren Murphy
“Over the past three decades. Johnny Marr has played with some of the biggest names on the planet, but almost always as a guitar-for-hire; now he’s finally taking centre-stage with his first fully fledged solo album The Messenger”
NME The Big Picture – 12 February 2013
Johnny Marr – The Making Of A Godlike Genius
“Ever since he formed The Smiths, Johnny Marr has been at the forefront of indie rock. That’s why on February 27 he will be crowned Godlike Genius at the NME Awards. Here’s a look back at the great man’s ridiculously varied and prolific career.”
ShortList – February 2013
Johnny Marr
Conversation about Clark shoes, David Bowie, Obama, the Gallagher brothers and Roberto Mancini
The Big Issue – 12 February 2013
The Mix: Letter To My Younger Self Johnny Marr “Morrissey and I Really Admired Each Other” by Jane Graham
“The Smiths legend Johnny Marr, 49, talks Irish work ethics, band reunions, and what happened when he first met Morrissey”
Steve McGarry – 11 February 2013
Johnny Marr Biographic Comic Strip by Manchester artist Steve McGarry

Johnny Marr by Steve McGarry

The Autojubilator – 11 February 2013
Johnny Marr: “The Messenger” Interview by Jon Wilks
“Johnny Marr discusses his time with McCartney, how he has adapted to being a frontman, and why Morrissey might be ‘selling the both of us short'”
Stereoboard – 9 February 2013
Johnny Marr – The Messenger (Album Review) by Graeme Marsh
Magnet – February 2013
Smiths Guitarist Johnny Marr: The Mancunian CandidateIssue #95

Magnet 2013

MOJO – February 2013
The Boy With The Thorn In His Side by Pat Gilbert, photos by Tom Sheehan
“Blessed yet bedogged by the legend of The Smiths, Johnny Mar has spent 25 fast-moving years as a globe trotting genius-for-hire, tripping balls with The The and rocking out with The Cribs. Now he’s come home, inspired by English weather, Aldous Huxley and his younger self to take the role he’ always shunned: Front Man and Solo Artist. Just don’t ask about Morrissey, OK? ‘I am not Manc Man’, he warns.”


Spin – 31 January 2013
Johnny Marr on a Life in Rock: The Smiths’ Story ‘Has Become So Distorted