This website was created to showcase guitarist Johnny Marr’s brilliant body of work with comprehensive lists of live performances and recordings along with references to magazine articles, photos, interviews, books and videos. (There has been a lull in updating the lists, so sorry.)

I started with a blogspot in 2010 which developed into this wordpress site. Many linked videos have since disappeared. Rather than editing (deleting) those posts, they remain as a marker to the event. One painful loss is 2002 video snippets from the balcony of Johnny playing guitar on ‘How Soon Is Now?’, ‘Anytime’ and ‘There Is A Light That Never Goes Out’ with Neil Finn at the Fillmore in San Francisco. Oh well…

If you have any questions, comments, contributions or concerns, please contact Valerie at jmplaysguitar@gmail.com

Johnny Marr

Photo by Valerie White