‘Walking Down Madison’ – Johnny Marr

12 August 2013

Before becoming a hit single for Kirsty MacColl and part of her most successful album Electric Landlady, Johnny Marr’s original composition was intended to be an instrumental for his new record.

‘Demo by Johnny Marr’ – Video from 1955 Spyder

‘Walking Down Madison’, that was the first song that I wrote after The Smiths split. I wrote it like a week later. And I wrote it with the intention of…I did this quite a bit. I keep starting a solo record. And I would write one backing track and play it to a mate and they would nick it. So, I played it to Kirsty ’cause she was a really good friend. It was my intention to write this kinda dancey guitar record. And I brought a cassette around and she was like “Oh, it’s great. I’ll come up with some words to that.” “Oh, great cool, okay” ’cause I wasn’t interested in writing words at that time. And the next thing, she’s booked a session. And it’s going to be a single for her. But it turned out she kinda kidnapped it, bless her.

Johnny Marr – Sodajerker, 2013

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  • Dunx original session vocal for ‘Walking down Madison’ for Johnny & Kirsty.

    Longtime missing…
    But I have just found this copy with my original vocal on youtube.

    So chuffed !! 🙂


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