‘New Town Velocity’ – Johnny Marr

30 December 2012

‘New Town Velocity’

New Town Velocity provides a rare autobiographical peek into Marr’s early life, recreating the no-turning-back moment when he decided to leave school and home.
“That was a last-minute addition” he explains. “I felt the picture I wanted to create of myself was incomplete. It needed some thing else, the idea of…romantic idealism.”

MOJO, 2013 February


  • John McAuliffe

    In keeping with the fine tradition of stealing opening riffs
    , only to lead into a completely new song ( There is a Light, etc.) – this blatantly nods to Nouvelle Vague’s cover of Dance With Me – it’s even in the same key!

    I like it though
    Talent borrow, genius steals, etc.

  • Robert reed

    love this, brought tears to my eyes..
    Took me back 25 years, so beautiful..
    I am delighted Mr Marr is returning to where his genius lies.

  • Andrew

    A love song for that time of the innocence of youth.
    I see elements of a more than just a tip of the hat to Morrissey. “It turned out like I said it would”. While this could mean many and anything I suspect it is a wink to Moz. It was due.
    I have never heard a song with Johnny writing that I did not love. I understand and respect his want to experiment, seek and embrace new loves\styles. His refusal to sit and repeat is part of what seperates him from his peers. He fits all the checks of greatness. With that said, it is this sound in particular that I adore. His s’ignature sound’ that has become the soundtrack to my life.
    The impact that he has played in my life cannot be overstated. An inspiration and a wonder.

    I love that these feelings are shared by so many the worl round.

  • Oldrobot1979

    Thank you Johnny Marr…

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