‘Back On The Chain Gang’ – The Pretenders

30 December 2012

‘Back On The Chain Gang’ – 1988

The PretendersHollywood Rock – Estadio do Morumbi – Sao Paulo, Brazil – 14 January 1988
The PretendersHollywood Rock – Praca da Apoteose – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – 6 January 1988

STEREOGUM: Was that the first serious band thing that you did after the Smiths broke up?

MARR: Yeah. Well, I actually sat in with the Pretenders for some shows previous to that. It was really cool. I was playing riffs that I’d learned in my bedroom. I mean, I knew how to play all the songs from the first Pretenders record without having to really brush up on them, so that was very cool. Also, getting to partner up with Chryssie Hynde for a year was really good for me. I was still feeling a bit bruised from the Smiths fallout and spending time with someone who was such a strong, interesting person was really a good influence on me. Her attitude really toughened me up.

Stereogum, February 2013

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