Johnny Marr honoured by Salford University

19 July 2012

Johnny Marr was given an honorary doctorate of arts by the University of Salford in recognition of his “outstanding achievements in a music career spanning four decades” which continue to inspire a new generation of musicians. He was presented with the degree at the graduation ceremonies at The Lowry Theatre on 19 July. A video interview with Tim Scott from Granada Reports, conducted after the graduation ceremonies, can be viewed here and more photos from the University of Salford Facebook can be seen here.

Color photo of Johnny Marr in yellow, blue and red satin graduation gown

Dr. Johnny Marr
Photo by Salford University

Johnny Marr in graduation gown standing on stage at Salford University

Dr. Johnny Marr,
Photo by Salford University

I’m very pleased to be given an honorary degree by Salford University. I’ve enjoyed working with the students in my capacity as visiting professor and hopefully we can find some more opportunities for creative work in the future.

Salford News

‘Johnny Marr – Honorary Graduate 2012’ – Video from SalfordUniversity

(Added 10 January 2013) ‘Johnny Marr – Honorary Graduate – Alumni Interview’ – Video by SalfordUniversity

Johnny, who was formally appointed Visiting Professor of Music in October 2007, delivered his first lecture entitled Always from the Outside: Mavericks, Innovators and Building Your Own Ark before a large audience that included both students and the public on 4 November 2008. He later returned to teach a masterclass for the BA programme in Popular Music and Recording in December 2010.

Johnny Marr with John RobbZeitgeist – University of Salford Manchester – November 2008

(Professor) Johnny Marr from International Media Centre

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