‘Haze’ – Electronic

18 July 2012

Electronic played ‘Haze’ live on The Jo Whiley Show on 4 Music, 5 May 1999, in what was to be their second to the last performance together. Taking a break, Bernard was back in the studio recording with New Order in June, and Johnny was in Los Angeles in August, laying the groundwork for his first solo album.

‘Haze’ with Phil Cunningham on guitar, Jimi Goodwin on bass and Ged Lynch on drums
Video from 1967RTMOPAR

A few seconds into ‘Haze’, the second track of Electronic’s new album Twisted Tenderness, and it dawns what has happened. Johnny Marr has fallen in love with the guitar all over again.

Not that he’d entirely given up on it, but it would be fair to say that Electronic and Raise The Pressure didn’t exactly come cluttered with Marr’s trademarks of whiplash riffs and glowing chords.

“I’ve always been into it, but this phase that I’ve been in the last eighteen months was almost akin to the way I was when I was 15, 16, 17,” Marr says in between mouthfuls of lunch. “Bernard started to play guitar again, which was interesting. I hung out with Bernard Butler a lot, which was great for me. And I hung out with the guy that is playing guitar with us, Phil from Marion. So I had a bunch of guitar buddies, and it was just different from the way we worked before.”

Music 365, 1999

I’m here alone all by myself with no one else
I need someone to share these thoughts about myself
I don’t know who I can trust
This picture is starting to rust

And as I press upon myself a form of torture
I write these words for someone else, just like an author
I don’t know who I can trust
I don’t’ know who I can trust

Everybody won’t you come with me
We’ll take a ride across the sea
When we get there, if we don’t drown
I’ll turn your whole life upside down

And later on with each illegal breath I take
I lose resistance for an instant to my fate
How I’ll miss you when you are gone, oh yeah
I’m a number lower than one

Everybody won’t you come with me
Everybody come with me
If I don’t find what I’ve come for
You won’t see me anymore

Sometimes it’s hard just to find some peace of mind
It feels like I am going crazy almost all of the time
And if we can’t live this way, then what will I do
Like my father and my mother I’m depending on you

You’ve got to fight just to keep your peace of mind
You’ve got to hold on tight, don’t cross that line
Sometimes I cry like a baby when I look outside
I’m on a losing streak, driving through moss side

Like the river deep or the ocean wide
Like the river deep or the ocean wide
Like the river deep or the ocean wide
There’s a crack in the wall but I just can’t hide

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