‘You Are The Magic’ – Johnny Marr + The Healers

‘You Are The Magic’ is from the 2003 album Boomslang with Johnny Marr on vocals and guitars, Alonza Bevan on bass, Zak Starkey on drums, Liz Bonney on percussion, Lee Spencer on synthesizer, Denise Johnson and Damien Foster on backing vocals and engineer and mixer James Spencer.

‘You Are The Magic’ – Video from blurry67

…For the Healers ‘Magic’ track, Marr developed his way of combining acoustic and electric 12-strings, something that had its seed in the Smiths track ‘Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want’.

“On ‘Magic’ I run the 12-string clean through a Fender Deluxe, so it sounds like a hot acoustic, and throughout the track it gets hotter and hotter,” Marr explains. “That’s the sound I really like and come back to more and more. I find with those gentle intros that the 12-string acoustic isn’t enough on its own, but the electric if it’s amped up can be too much – so I end up getting a compromise between the two of them. It’s a sound that’s pleasing to me, that cross between an electric and an acoustic.”

Rickenbacker Electric 12 String by Tony Bacon

‘You Are The Magic’ is one of most favorite things I have ever done. I really like the phrase “magic.” With this particular song, the music suggested sensuality to me. Because I am writing the parts, words and music, I included this sensual-ness within the song. The words are very simple, but they seem right to me, and conveyed what I wanted to express, which was the telepathy and rapport that two people can build up. It doesn’t have to be necessarily physical, but just contact between two people…

Bluesky, 2003

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