‘Run In The Dust’ – 7 Worlds Collide

27 May 2012

From the album The Sun Came Out released in August 2009, ‘Run In The Dust’ was written by Johnny Marr with Ed O’Brien on guitar, Sebastian Steinberg on bass, Phil Selway on drums, Jeff Tweedy on harmonica, Pat Sansone on organ with harmony vocals by Lisa Germano, Neil Finn and Pat Sansone.

‘Run In The Dust’ – Video from TheLennyBruce

Working with Johnny Marr on ‘Run In The Dust’ was really cool. When we first convened, Johnny, you know, coming up to me with this glint in his eye “I’ve got a baseline for you.” And I mean straight up that bass line is a roller coaster, I just played it straight off the demo. Tracking was great too cause, it was Phil, myself and Johnny, and Pat playing this really spooky organ.

Yeah, keep the organ, Patrick, nice and spooky. If we can have some reverb on the organ, like distant and fucking weird…Mississippi at two o’clock in the morning.

The Sun Came Out – The Making Of The Album 7 Worlds Collide

Remember when you were young
The golden days yet to come, so many dreams undone
You never could count the cost whenever we got lost
Remember to forget

Don’t stand down, come and be around
We can’t wait
Run in the dust

One too many mornings gone
One too many morning suns
Don’t be the first to know too many ways to say no go
Come and see the colour of these days

Don’t stand down, come and be around
We can’t wait
There’s no one but us
To run in the dust

Don’t stand down, come and be around
We can’t wait
Don’t stand still
No, don’t stop

Now is that our lot?

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