The The – ‘Slow Emotion Replay’

7 February 2012

After The The released Mind Bomb in 1989, the band – Matt Johnson, Johnny Marr, D.C. Collard, James Eller and Dave Palmer – toured the world as The The Versus The World for a year, playing over 90 shows. Back in the studio in the summer of 1991, Matt Johnson and the band recorded the album Dusk, which was released in November 1992, reaching Number 2 in the UK Album Charts.

‘Slow Motion Replay’ – Video from ikeano25

Matt was really adamant that I played as much harmonica as I could, because he really loved my playing. ‘Slow Emotion Replay’ was really the best hit that never was. There’s a real intimate feeling. It’s a very London record, but in some way almost New Orleansy, a little like that movie Angel Heart…and therefore pretty sexy.

Uncut, February 2008

My Favourite Lyric
“Everybody knows what’s going wrong with the world/But I don’t even know what’s going on in myself”. It’s simple, but means a lot and many of us can relate to it.

Johnny Marr, NME 2013

French TV ‘Avec Ou Sans Rock’ – 17 March 1990

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