‘Learn To Crawl’ – 7 Worlds Collide

22 February 2012

‘Learn To Crawl’, a beautiful song written by Neil and Liam Finn, Ed O’Brien and Johnny Marr was performed at The Powerhouse in Auckland, New Zealand in early January 2009.

‘Learn To Crawl’ – Video by 7worldscollide

The music that comes out of this place, it’s relaxed, it’s joyous but there’s also a dark under current. And what I’ve liked about the music that’s come out, is that there is a darkness there. And like New Zealand there’s a heart of darkness to this place. And I think this is key. New Zealand is key, and Neil is key.
Why do you have to do this, Johnny?
Neil, really. The idea of risk, I guess. Mystery and pressure and panic. I think it either brings out the worst or best in me, really. Sometimes both sim
With ‘Learn To Crawl’ it’s evolved. And everybody’s added stuff to it.
Dad had a wild pass at putting a vocal on it. And then I did a wild pass. And then Jeff did a wild pass, and I think Pat might have done one as well. And then we ended up just all sitting in the room, turning it up really loud and then using everything. And strangely it all seemed to fit. I definitely went into it knowing in my head what Dad would probably have naturally sung. And I really wanted to try and do something a bit more shoutier, more intense, I don’t know, get some youth in there. It sort of became a father and son verse and chorus.
I had these riffs, these series of riffs. What was great was initially sitting down with Johnny, saying Johnny I really like this, but it needs arranging. And he added his beautiful guitar part, and he added another part.

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