Johnny Marr on the cover of Guitarist

14 January 2012 ,

Johnny Marr is on the cover of the February 2012 issue of Guitarist magazine with an interview with Johnny about his new signature Fender Jaguar and discussion with his guitar tech and the designer inside.

Guitarist, February 2012 at

With Marr discovering the Jag when he joined Modest Mouse, Puplett was on hand to sort out any problems as his collection grew. “My wife said, Do you have to won every single Jag in the world” I said yes,” laughs Marr. “I got so obsessive about them. So I started taking it further in pursuit of the perfect Jag.”


  • On the verge of having designer John Moore upgrade my JM bridge and tremolo system according to Mr Marr’s specifications.

    Judging from the documentary on the Fender website, the team must have spent an awful lot of time testing solutions to infamous design weaknesses (in the eyes of contemporary guitarists).

    The upgrade package on Marr’s signature Jag seems to bring the most welcome improvement to the Jazzmaster/Jaguar bridge and floating tremolo system.

    Moreover, not only does designer John Moore ooze professionalism and expertise, but he is also a pleasure to deal with.

    I can’t wait to have my bridge and tremolo system upgraded.

  • Very cool.

  • John Moore’s mods work like a charm. End of all my JM bridge AND tremolo issues. I couldn’t be happier. Contact him and have your JM/Jag fixed for good.

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