Modest Mouse – ‘Little Motel’

29 December 2011

‘Little Motel’ on the Modest Mouse studio album We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank, recorded at  Sweet Tea Studio in Oxford, Mississippi and Audible Alchemy in Portland, Oregon in 2006.

It’s a sweet song with some wonderful guitar playing by Johnny Marr and Isaac Brock.

“On their previous records, Isaac had written all the songs in advance, and Dann fit his guitar parts into the gaps that remained,” remembers producer Dennis Herring, who worked with Modest Mouse on both Good News and Ship Sank at Sweet Tea studios in Oxford, Miss. “This one was deeply affected by the fact that they all wrote together. So there was a communal, dual-threat guitar dynamic to consider, a super-active left/right guitar trip happening the minute the tracks came to the floor. To me, their interplay is a lot like Television’s—intertwining guitars that form puzzle pieces to be fitted together. Precision and fire.”

“We didn’t know how it was gonna go, you know?” laughs Brock. “There was a lot of dueling, but in a non-competitive way. Johnny’s really conscientious about how he plays. If there was a guitar part of mine that seemed to be the dominant one, he’d play something complementary rather than stepping on it. That actually seems like a neat way to make music—find someone who does something completely different than what you do and see what happens.”

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